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Causes Of Unsatisfied Sexual Life

Unsatisfied sexual life occurs due to various reasons. The most basic amongst all is the boredom. At a certain point of time we get bored with each other just like we get bored with material things and this is natural.

The problem starts with losing of trust between partners which leads to emotional stress, incompatibility because we focus more on who is wrong rather than what is wrong.

Don’t forget ever that it's not you v/s your partner, it should be always us v/s the problem. Replace who is wrong with what is wrong and get back your emotional bond back.

Another cause of unsatisfied sexual life includes body shaming. A bad memory of the past, Fear of having sex again, Sexual anxiety and sexual phobia. You are not satisfied with the way you look and you are afraid of being judged by your partner.

In South Delhi low sperm count treatment is provided at affordable prices. Don’t let any of the diseases affect your sexual life.

Let’s go brief into the causes of having an unsatisfied sexual life:

  • Hormone misbalances: If you feel that this is the problem associated with your unhealthy sex life then immediately visit the nearest doc!
  • Some diseases: like low sperm count, oligospermia, sexual anxieties, fear of attempting sex, sex phobia. Get yourself treated with all those problems immediately. Dr. N. A. Khan at The Unani Clinic is your companion right over in south Delhi.
  • Some sort of injury: do you face any injury that causes you so much pain that it is ruining you and your partner’s sexual life and you are absolutely unaware of it.
  • Bored with your partner: don’t ever think that changing partner is the solution because physical intimacy develops a deep sense of memory and too many of these memories will eventually lead to misery.
  • Age factor: is your partner too old for you? Sometimes the age factor also leads to reduced sexual desires.
  • Short sex sessions: ideally a woman wants sex of about 20-30 minutes in a row and if you are facing the issue with the timings then you must visit your sexologist.

Dr. N. A. Khan at The Unani Clinic in Delhi serves you best with all your sex-related worries. He is an experienced sexologist with the experience of 17 years in this field.

Remember always that every problem comes with the solution in life. If you lack something in yourself it can be cured. Losing absolute interest, hating sex and sexual phobia is not the solution at all.

These overthinking are the results of hormones that start affecting intelligence. Don’t let that charm go away. Accept yourself first and your partner will definitely love you in every way.


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