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Frequently Asked Questions

When you ejaculate during sexual intercourse or whenever you have an orgasm, the fluid which you eject doesn't have a normal and healthy sperm count this deficiency is called Low Sperm count. It is also known as Oligospermia. 

Although there are many cases where pregnancy can happen but Low Sperm count makes it difficult for couples to expect a baby even after 1 year of unprotected sex. 

In Delhi, sexologists do a diagnosis for Semen Analysis which useful and the most basic test which can detect around 8 men for the fertility issue. 

A Basic issue in some men like hormonal imbalance, Dilated Testes's vein, Inherited chromosomal abnormality could be there. 

There are no such causes for Low Sperm Count is identified generally, it could be a result of several medical issues or could be Hereditary. 


Some Causes are:-


  • An auxiliary issue – for instance,

  • The tubes which carry sperm gets damaged or blocked by some sort of injury or maybe Illness or quite possibly absent from birth. 

  • Contaminated Genital -  for example, chlamydia, gonorrhea or prostatitis (disease of the prostate organ).

  • The Overheating of Testicles.

  • Excess of liquor utilization, smoking and utilizing medications. 

  • certain prescriptions, including testosterone substitution Therapy, long term anabolic steroid use, Cancer Treatment (chemotherapy), a few anti-infection Medicines and a few antidepressants. 

  • Varicoceles (amplified veins in the testicles).

  • Past medical procedure to the Tesdticles or hernia fixes 

  • Being overweight or fat.

  • An Imbalanced hormone, for example, hypogonadism (decreased hormone generation).

  • A hereditary issue, for example, Klinefelter disorder.

  • Undescended Testicles since as a baby.

We provide treatment for Low Sperm count & it is treated with Unani medicines based on the history of the patient.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

A man is considered to have erectile dysfunction if he regularly finds it difficult getting or keeping a firm enough erection to be able to have sex, or if it interferes with other sexual activity. ED is called essential if the man has always been unable to achieve or support an erection.



Erectile Dysfunction symptoms might include persistent:


  • Trouble getting an erection

  • Trouble keeping an erection

  • Reduced sexual desire


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

As of late as two decades prior, specialists would, in general, accuse erectile dysfunction of mental issues or, with more older men, on the typical maturing process. Today, the pendulum of medical sentiment has swung away from the two ideas. While excitement accepts longer as a man ages, chronic erectile dysfunction warrants therapeutic consideration. Additionally, the trouble is regularly not mental in beginning. Today, urologists accept that physical variables underlie most of the instances of tireless erectile dysfunction in men over age 50.

ED in older men: Since erections fundamentally include the veins, it isn't amazing that the most widely recognized causes in more established men are conditions that block bloodstream to the penis, for example, atherosclerosis or diabetes. Another vascular reason might be a flawed vein, which gives blood a chance to empty excessively rapidly out of the penis. Other physical scatters, just as hormonal imbalance and certain tasks, may likewise bring about erectile dysfunction.


ED in younger Men: With more youthful men, mental issues are the likeliest purpose behind erectile dysfunction. Pressure and uneasiness may begin from poor correspondence with the partner or a distinction in sexual preferences. The sexual troubles may likewise be connected to these variables:

It Could be: 

  • Depression 

  • Fatigue

  • Stress

  • Feeling of Inadequacy

  • Personal Sexual fears 

  • Rejection by patents or peers 

  • Sexual Abuse in childhood

Physical Causes of ED: 

  • In many cases physical reasons are also the cause of ED, these may include:

  • High Cholesterol 

  • Obesity 

  • Heart Disease

  • Clogged blood vessel 

  • Surgeries performed which affected the Spinal Cord or pelvic area

  • Peyronie's Disease - Development of Scar Tissue within the penis.

  • High Blood Pressure 

  • Metabolic issues: Such condition includes Blood pressure, High Insulin levels, Body Fat around the waist 

  • Parkinson's Disease (is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. Symptoms start gradually, sometimes starting with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. Tremors are common, but the disorder also commonly causes stiffness or slowing of movement)

  • Certain Medications prescribed by the Doctor

  • Consumption of Alcohol 

  • Drug Abuse 

  • Treatments for prostrate Cancer

Loss of Libido (sex drive) is a typical issue that influences numerous people eventually in their life. It's entirely expected to lose enthusiasm for sex occasionally, and drive levels shift through life. It's likewise typical for your advantage not to coordinate your partner every now and again. In any case, a low drive for an extensive stretch of time may cause worry for certain individuals. It can now and then be a marker of a hidden wellbeing condition.


Some causes of low sex drive:-


Medications: Taking certain prescriptions can bring down testosterone levels, which thusly may initiate low drive. For instance, Blood pressure drugs, for example, ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers may decrease discharge and erections.

Depression: Depression apparently changes all pieces of an individual's life. Individuals with depression experience a decreased or complete absence of enthusiasm for exercises they once found pleasurable, including sex.

Low testosterone: At the point when your testosterone levels decline, your longing for sex additionally diminishes. Testosterone is liable for building muscles and bone mass, and for stimulating sperm generation. Your testosterone levels likewise factor into your sex drive.

Sleep problems: the Sleeping problem is the most common problem these days even in youngsters. In the study, researchers figured out that around one-third of men they actually have reduced testosterone levels. 

Stress: In case you're occupied by circumstances or times of high weight, sexual want may diminish. This is on the grounds that pressure can upset your hormone levels. Your supply routes can limit in the midst of pressure. This narrowing limits the bloodstream and possibly causes ED.

Low Self Esteem: Confidence is characterized as the general point of view of an individual has about their own self. Low confidence, low certainty, and poor self-perception can negatively affect your enthusiastic wellbeing and prosperity. In the event that you feel that you're ugly, or unwanted, it'll likely put a damper on sexual experiences. Disliking what you find in the mirror can even make you need to avoid engaging in sexual relations.

There could be many more reasons for the low sex drive or loss of libido in both men and women, if you are ready to open up and discuss your issue, visit us in South Ex our Sexologist Dr. NA Khan would be able to assist you in a better way.

Stress can affect your sexual coexistence in a roundabout way. The hormones created when an individual is pushed can affect digestion, which can prompt [weight fluctuations], Needle clarifies. At the point when you experience changes in your body or don't like your body, you may be more averse to need to take part in sexual movement. 

Chronic stress may prompt depression and uneasiness, and the two conditions can hinder a sound sexual coexistence. A few people who feel pushed whine that they aren't in the mood to have intercourse by any means.

Here are the means by which it works. Under stress, your body goes into endurance mode, and it responds by creating more cortisol rather than sex hormones. Cortisol is known as the "stress hormone" since it supports your body's reaction to worry by controlling glucose levels, directing digestion and lessening the irritation. Furthermore, sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) impact sexual want and working.

The pressure hormones pumping through the body are urging you to either battle or flight. This can even prompt you being forceful towards your sexual partner. You may begin to lash out at them or shout at them. The individuals you ordinarily love having around you can abruptly feel like irritated on the grounds that they request time with you. Stress is maybe the main guilty party in low sexual desire. We're all going around with a larger number of activities than there are hours in the day, leaving ourselves feeling depleted and regularly disappointed. Stress can extraordinarily influence people's longing for sex. An excess of stress regularly saps away an individual's desire, by influencing hormones and mind-set, and by meddling with the quality time that enables a couple to remain associated. 

If you feel that stress is getting in your healthy sexual relationship with your partner then you don't have to worry because there are ways to fix the situation. 

Exercise pretty much can help you out to come out of stress. 

Talk to your partner cause the more open you are with your partner the more it helps to overcome the issue. You can talk to your partner honestly if you are least interested in sex lately. Your partner may not be able to understand your situation right away but it can avoid misunderstandings. 

Get Consultation from the experts. Unani Dr. N. A. Khan in Delhi would be able to provide proper treatment based on the history of the patient so one can enjoy a healthier sex life.

Penis Enlargement or Increasing the size of Penis is mostly a common reason for depression or anxiety. Millions have been spent in the industry of Penis Enlargement till now. A few techniques mean to increase out length, some others may talk about the girth of the penis, but others the glans size. Systems incorporate medical procedures, supplements, treatments, patches, and some physical procedures like Traction, Jelqing, and pumping. There are various methods available these days and the manufacturers in the market claiming that their product is effective however, a couple of urology foundations pointed out that none of these methods work. 


Let's have a look at the options available -

Pills and Lotions: As you see advertisements on a daily basis around you about pills and several lotions which promise to increase the penis size. Even these pills may have herbs, vitamins or minerals but there is no concrete evidence that any of these can affect the size. 

Vacuum Devices: It contains a tube that pumps out air and generates a Vaccum which draws the blood into the penis which makes the penis swell. Also used for Erectile Dysfunction. 

Traction Device: Traction gadgets intend to build the length of the penis by extending the penile tissue. An individual puts a weight or little expanding edge on the limp penis to delicately extend it.

Surgical Methods: Careful penis Enlargement methods incorporate penile augmentation and suspensory tendon discharge. The penile expansion includes infusing fat cells into the penis or uniting fat cells onto the penis. Infusing fat cells into the penis can cause growing and distortion; in certain cases, removal of the penis might be important.

These methods including several others are available but none of them is considered safe or nobody can claim that there will be no side effects for the same. 

The best part of the Unani treatment is that Unani is not a medicine it is to be considered as diet. In Delhi, Unani Specialist Dr. Khan suggests Penis Enlargement is possible in Unani. Cause the way you build up your muscle when you workout it is exactly like the same procedure. Expecting results fast would not do the justice cause along with the Unani diet exercise is also important for the same. Within the time duration of the treatment, our aim is to ensure we work on improving muscle to help you increasing the length & girth of the penis.

Masturbation implies the stimulation of the sex organs to acquire joy. Young men just as young ladies enjoy it. Famous thinking is that masturbation is regular just during young and among the unmarried singles. In any case, isn't valid.

Many individuals significantly after marriage do enjoy masturbation, at a less continuous rate than when they didn't have a steady partner. Maybe no other demo of sex has been related to the same number of legends and misinterpretations as masturbation. It also makes a feeling of inadequacy, a sentiment of blame and sin.

Numerous religions condemn masturbation saying that it is a corrupt act; ideal forbearance from any kind of sexual act, including masturbation before marriage, is proposed by numerous religions. But for some people, it is basically unrealistic to control the sexual want and excitement, particularly during puberty. According to medical science, Masturbation is considered an absolutely normal act. Masturbation doesn't make any harm to the sensory system. Although It doesn't make any physical damage or harm to the body and can be performed with some restraint all through an individual's lifetime as a piece of normal sexual behavior it also has some demerits related to it.

Firstly it is not natural and when one masturbates penis doesn't get the desired temperature compared to the vaginal temperature.
Sperm count may also get reduced cause of masturbation and moreover one can observe that the semen gets thinner.
Addiction of masturbation can create an impact between the sexual partners, people may also land into depression and anxiety.

There is no specific reason for unsatisfied sexual life for both men and women. It depends on the individual's interest or maybe some sexual issues they are going through which may be emotional or physical. It is pretty natural when there comes an age when sexual desires or ability decreases. Unhappy or unsatisfied sexual life is one of the biggest concerns in men and women in metro cities especially people with a hectic schedule.  

In any event, during the peak of adulthood, men and women both think that its difficult to keep up an appropriate sexual coexistence because of different reasons. 

Here are a few of the references that mentioned sexual coexistence to a tremendous degree in Men:

  • Maintaining an Erection or problem having one. 

  • Difficulty to reach an orgasm 

  • Lack of Ejaculation

  • Lack of Sexual Desires 

  • Reaching to orgasms quickly ( Premature Ejaculation)

  • Low Testosterone Levels etc.

Few references for women: 

  • Low sexual desire 

  • Trouble feeling aroused 

  • Not able to achieve orgasm 

  • Having pain during sexual intercourse

  • Lower estrogen post Menopause

  • Heart Disease 

  • Bladder Problems


Although the above-mentioned references are just physical related issues for both the partners but also there are many factors related to emotions. Men, in contrast with women, can appreciate sexual want to a more drawn out length of a lifetime. The term 'loss of libido' doesn't refer to the phase where he has lost every one of the capacities to have intercourse. Just the desire has decreased to a tremendous degree. The principle explanation for such an issue during adulthood is mental issues, for example, stress, strain, tension, a memory of sexual abuse or assault, and misery with your body, depression,  and physiological reasons, for example, weight, low testosterone, paleness, etc. Regularly the habit for substance misuse can be an explanation as well. Now and again, different youth issues, sexual direction, and relationship issues can also be the reason for unsatisfied sexual life.

Before we make any point of view lets look into some detail about it. Unani / Tibbi medication is a piece of Arabic prescription and it has taken its structure in 18th century when the Mughal dynasty came in India, and the essential principles in Unani medicines are less different else they utilize the vast majority of the herbs utilized in Ayurveda and the definitions are named in Urdu " for instance Safo of" is a powder type of medication, the greater part of the meds are set up as powders, glues, and tablets today. 

The Unani arrangement of medication primarily uses the pulse and appearance for determination. Indeed Unani treatment is safe for any kind of problems not only sexual issues. It doesn't have any sort of side effects compared to allopathy.

Unani is not a medicine it's like a diet for any individual. It helps to achieve goals. In Unani treatment, decisions are made based on the history of patients and its absolutely fine to continue the medication even after achieving desired goals. Results will take time but also those results are long term results and promising.

This is a typical issue because of an upset day by day normal, Irregular food habits, stress and effort by virtue of a quick life. Unani traces a few different ways to expand male fertility by expanding sperm quality and amount.

One of the most significant pieces of Unani treatment incorporates fixing issues, for example, Indigestion which offers rise to poisons / Toxins that reason blockage in the channels carrying semen. Therefore, one of the essential approaches to build male fertility incorporates following a sound eating routine and exercise system. 

Despite the fact that there is no particular time allotment for fixing the sperm check since it relies upon each person. At first, drugs are given dependent on patients' history to ensure the body becomes accustomed to it at that point expands the power slowly to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of vulnerability or conceivable minor changes in the absorption framework.

With the assistance of legitimate precautionary measures in nourishment and recommended practices, it might take around 3 to 4 months to fix Low Sperm Count. Again it relies upon the individual and the manner in which they are reacting to the medicine.