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How Stress effects Our Sexual Life?

How To Make Perfect Foreplay?

Stress is the major reason for every problem we face in our lives. Stress is nothing but the state in which our brain overthinks about a particular situation that might not happen in real life.

You will get surprised after knowing that stress is the only element that is stopping us from living a healthy lifestyle. Stress is the reason for our bad sexual life.

The major sex organ in the human body in both males and females in our brain and if we take stress, it occupies our brain to the greater extent that it results in week sexual desire, early ejaculation, no erotic feeling for the opposite sex and thus broken or unfulfilled relationships.

Doctor Unani in Delhi provides you with best sex counselling which will excite your sex life back on track.

During the condition when we take stress we adopt such habits that destroy our sexual life completely. We started adopting the behaviors which we never think of such as:

  • Questioning our relationship
  • Doubting on our partner
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol
  • Lack of communication
  • No desire for sex
  • No orgasm

And what not?

Stress can affect our hormone levels. It takes a toll on our libido. When we take stress the hormone cortisol is released which results in suppressing our sex hormones and thus promotes less sex between partners as lower sex hormones don’t promotes longer sex results.

In Delhi doctor Unani serves you better with all these stress-related causes and symptoms and thus helps you gain back your sexual life.

If we take excess stress it contributes to bad body image which in result promotes bad sex. Body shows off is another important element in committing intimate relationships.

Excess stress cause misbalance in our weight cycle, low sperm counts, early menopause in woman, no longevity for having sex and less sex promotes loss of the relationship.

South Delhi provides treatment in low sperm count at Unani's clinic.

 Don’t let stress ruin your sex life.


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