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How To Make Perfect Foreplay?

How To Make Perfect Foreplay?

Foreplay is a time that occurs before getting into sexual intercourse to build an emotional connection between partners in which they relive their best moments.

It is not mandatory to begin your foreplay in the bedroom. Foreplay is a situation in which both partners prepare each other for sex by doing various lovemaking activities together.

In order to make perfect foreplay for the best sexual bond, one must start the romance from the kitchen area, drawing room, garage, office desk or any such place that excites you both.

In Delhi, The Unani Clinic will guide you with the best tips to start over your perfect foreplay.

The do’s and don’ts of having perfect foreplay:


• Talk dirty with your partner. Include sex discussions; love moments you spent together in your conversations.

• Talk slowly with each other. Don’t shout or be over joyous in rewinding your flashbacks. Talk in the ears.

• Discuss your fantasies with your partner at the time of foreplay. Discuss what excites you and turns you on immediately for sexual intercourse.

• Get close to each other. Pro tip: don’t kiss your partner. Just get comfortable with each other’s presence and be close enough and resist.

• Express your love to your partner. Give each other appreciations that how you feel safe when you’re with them, how they calm your soul etc.

• Give warm hugs to each other and touch each other’s genital areas to arouse sexual feelings.

• Play a romantic and adult movie and watch it with your partner.

• Just relax and enjoy their presence. Feel that moment. Give soft massages to each other. Do unexpected things.

• Tease your partner and begin the “kiss me” game. After attempting all those above-mentioned tips you finally need to get the kiss now.

Now you are absolutely ready for sex. Have the best time!


• Don’t talk about the negativities when you are about to have sex. Feel your foreplay time.

  • Don’t discuss what bothers you now and then. Don’t include your past relations.

• Put all your distractions and disturbances on the airplane mode. Assign a do not disturb tag.

• Keep your brain calm. Don’t let the bundle of emotions ruin your foreplay.

• Don’t say no for anything to your partner at the time of foreplay. Don’t stop him/her. Get that feeling and go with the flow.

• Make sure you are already relaxed and fresh n up. You are not getting that feeling of hunger, anger, using the washroom and all.

• Take care of your smell. Don’t smell bad. Apply a nice aroma before beginning the foreplay.

• Make sure you want to have that time with your own will. Don’t say yes to foreplay and sex if you don’t feel like doing it.

These are some of our best do’s and don’ts that will make your foreplay the best and thus results in good and healthy sexual intercourse.

Dr. N. A. Khan at The Unani Clinic in Delhi will serve you with his more deep and best advice to excite your sexual life and get your love life back on track again.


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