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Loss Of Desire

The Unani Clinic's Testimonial

Loss of desire can be described as a reduced interest in sexual intercourse. It's regularly connected to relationship issues, stress or tiredness yet can be an indication of a hidden restorative issue, for example, decreased hormone levels. It's entirely expected to lose enthusiasm for sex now and again, and libido levels shift through life.

It's additionally typical for your advantage not to coordinate with your partner's interest now and again. Sex drive in individuals is different and there is no such rule which can define a normal libido. In couples, the most common sexual complaints are Loss of Desire. There could be numerous reasons behind it, could be psychological and personal. It can also be the result of relationship problems.

Those partners who explore the sexual desire early in the relationship may also lead to the drop in loss of desire in long term relationships. Low Desire or Loss of desire normally differ between male and female. Men are more aroused than women psychologically. But, In women, sexual desires are more situational and psychological. Most of the times the treatment for low desire in a partner can be resolved via counseling. However, in woman loss of desire can be of various reasons which can be treated with Unani Medication.

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