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Sexual Phobia

The Unani Clinic's Testimonial

Sexual Phobia is also known as Genophobia, this is exactly the fear of Sexual Intimacy. Most likely people with this condition are able to start romantic or physical relationships and might be able to enjoy oral activities but at the same time might also be afraid of physical affection.

Many men confess that they have a fear of embarrassment, sometimes because of the stress of maybe other health issues. Although there are various types of drugs are available in the market like Viagra which allows men to enjoy sexual intercourse temporarily but not in a longer run.

Sometimes, performance anxiety may also be a concern to please a partner. It is common in those who are young or don't have experience in sexual intimacy.

Many women have Sexual phobia as well of which they are not aware. They might have infections that might be an obstacle for intimacy. Other women may suffer from well-known Loss of Libido and there can be numerous reasons for the same, it could be because of change in hormone, menopause, pregnancy or periods.

Poor communication with a partner can also be the problem, Lack of romance, lack of excitement can also take the physical relationship to the south. Also, it is quite possible that one partner may have been the victim of Sexual abuse.

Fear of unwanted pregnancy or sexual infections may also lead to a phobia.

Although beating Sexual Phobia is not easy but it responds very well to treatment. Our priority always remains the same to provide the long term solution based on the transparency and previous history of the individual.

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