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Oligospermia (Low Sperm count)

The Unani Clinic's Testimonial

Based on the most current World Health Organization guidelines, a healthy sperm count is 15 million per milliliter (ml) or at least 39 million per sample. A sperm count lower than 10 million per ml is considered abnormal and commonly associated with male infertility. A low sperm check, likewise called oligospermia, is the place a man has less than 15 million sperm for each milliliter of semen.

While numerous men with oligospermia have common discharges, some discharge issues may lessen sperm check. Retrograde discharge is one such issue. The brain and the testicles produce a few hormones that are answerable for discharge and sperm creation. An irregularity in any of these hormones may bring down sperm tally numbers.

Pesticides, cleaning operators, and painting materials are a couple of the synthetics that can diminish sperm check. Introduction to overwhelming metals, for example, lead can cause this issue, as well. Over the top drinking can do likewise. Men who smoke cigarettes may have lower sperm checks than men who don't smoke. Being overweight or being obese builds your hazard for low sperm includes in a few different ways. Excess of weight can straightforwardly lessen how a lot of sperm your body can make.

Weight issues may likewise meddle with hormone creation. Issues with sperm, including a low sperm check and issues with sperm quality, are very normal. They're a factor in around 1 of every 3 couples who are attempting to get pregnant.

Our Specialty in treating low sperm count makes us one of the best sexologist for oligospermia treatment in Delhi.

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